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Black Gold® 26/18 Performance Blend Dog Food

Our #1 selling premium dog food! 26/18 Performance Blend is recommended for all breeds and ages of dogs with high to extremely high activity levels like field trial conditions, long hours of accelerated activity or stressful conditions. Can be used as a daily ration regardless of activity but quantities should be graduated downward for low activity dogs.

Black Gold® 24/12 Trainers Blend Dog Food

A dog feed with low protein and fat for lower activity levels, hot weather, or off season. Metabolized energy generally runs 200 calories per pound less than the 26/18 Performance Blend. This is a maintenance class product and is not recommended for puppies.

Black Gold® 24/20 High Energy Blend Dog Food

A premium dog feed recommended for adult dogs with extreme activity levels, in competition, for finicky eaters, dogs being worked in extreme weather conditions, or for show dogs that go off feed when traveling. Daily use without high daily activity is not recommended. With Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids and added Vitamin C Energy Enhancer plus Chondroitin and Glucosamine.

Black Gold® 23/14 Lamb Meal & Rice Blend Dog Food

A highly digestible product containing 100% New Zealand Lamb, with a protein and fat ratio that is suitable for all normal to high activity dogs. Lamb and Rice formulas are recommended by vets for dogs that experience digestibility problems, skin conditions or food allergies that require an alternative protein source.

Black Gold® 23/21 Ultimate Puppy Blend Dog Food

A premium puppy feed containing chicken as its base protein source that provides concentrated nutrition with all the proteins, vitamins and proteinated minerals an active puppy needs. Controlled levels of fat, calories and calcium support developing bones and teeth. Crunchy kibble provides great taste, excellent chewing exercise and helps clean teeth.

Black Gold® 25/14 Ultimate Adult Blend Dog Food

A premium adult dog feed free of corn, soy, wheat, or other fillers. The single protein chicken meal protein source, along with rice, barley, whole eggs, and naturally preserved chicken fat assures the ultimate in palatability, digestibility, a shiny coat, plus the vitality and overall good health every dog deserves.

Professional Tuffy's® 31/9 Dinnertime Cat Blend Cat Food

Dinnertime Cat Food contains the essential balance of vitamins and minerals that cats require. Supplemented with taurine to assure your cat's best health, every mosel of this flavorful meal contains the flavors your cat loves -- chicken, liver and tuna.

Premium Choice® Solid Scoop Cat Litter

This clumping original features clay particles that bond together when soiled, guaranteeing that only used clumps are tossed, along with the odors. Our clumping formula creates solid clumps that don’t crumble or break when being scooped out. All usable litter remains in the box to keep litter changes and any extra dust to a minimum.

Cat Tails® Cat Litter

Cat Tails Cat Box Litter is made of 100 percent natural clay and contains no chemicals! Its special formula gives 4-way odor control by covering waste, sealing it, absorbing moisture and neutralizing the ammonia.

SPORTMiX® Dog Biscuits

SPORTMiX Premium dog biscuits are designed to help your dog's teeth remain clean, firm, and healthy. These golden dog biscuits contain 20% protein derived from chicken meal.

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