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Equine Feed Products

Wesemann's 12% Sweet Feed

A texturized sweet feed designed for equine, but is a favorite among most farm animals. (Contains copper)

Wesemann's 10% Sweet Feed

A texturized sweet feed similar to our 12% sweet feed, but with slightly lower protein and higher fat content.

Wesemann's 14% Senior Horse Pellet

For maintenance and performance of senior horses.

Wesemann's 13% Complete Multi-species Pellet

A Complete pelleted all purpose feed for multiple species and classes of livestock.


A soft crumble diet high in fat and fiber, low in starch, and balanced with quality protein. Paired with low starch and high fiber, OMEGATIN® potentially reduces the risk of diet-related disorders, including colic and founder.

Cleaned Heavy Oats

Canadian cleaned heavy oats test weighed at least 40-45 pounds per bushel.

MannaPro® Calf-Manna®

A high protein pelleted performance supplement for multiple species including equine, cattle, rabbit, poultry, swine, and others. Contains brewer’s dried yeast for better digestion and linseed oil for coat quality. With a sweet scent that animals love.

Beet Pulp Shreads (with or without molassas)

A highly digestible, high fiber supplement.

Wheat Bran

A high fiber supplement.

Kent Feeds® Equestrian's Choice® Equine Mineral

A granulated mineral and vitamin supplement specifically designed for horses on a grass-roughage or mixed grass/legume-roughage program.

Alfalfa Horse Cubes

A sun-cured baled hay replacement containing no dyes or preservatives that leaves less waste and yields less dust.

Timothy Horse Cubes

A low protein forage replacement made from timothy hay, beet pulp and specific minerals. Designed for horses with Equine Cushings Disease, Insulin Resistance, Laminitis, and other related conditions.

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