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Minerals and Salts

Wesemann's A-D-E Mineral

A mineral for beef cattle on pasture, dairy cattle, replacement dairy heifers, growing and mature horses.

Wesemann's Dairy Selenium-E Fortifier

A mineral supplement for lactating dairy cattle. Designed to provide the sole source of selenium for lactating dairy cows.

Wesemann's Dry Cow Refresher Mineral

A mineral supplement for non-lactating dairy cattle.

Wesemann's Feedlot Mineral

A mineral for finishing beef cattle consuming high grain diets in confinement or minimal pasture.

Tru-Flo® Evaporated Food Grade Salt

A high quality clean salt. A favorite for taxidermists and butchers.

American Stockman® White Mixing Salt

Specially processed to a uniform size to aid in mixing, this product can be fed free-choice or mixed into livestock rations.

American Stockman® Trace Mineral Loose/Mixing Salt

Contains the six core micro minerals required for basic animal health. The proper combination of zinc, manganese, cobalt, copper, iodine and iron optimizes your herd's weight gain, feeding efficiencies and overall performance.

American Stockman® Trace Mineral Loose/Mixing Salt w/ Selenium

The same great salts with the addition of selenium for prevention of many ailments.

White Plain Salt Bricks and Blocks

Small pressed white salt for animals.

Trace Mineral Bricks and Blocks

A specially formulated pressed mineral designed to meet the race mineral and salt requirements for most livestock.

Brick Holder

For brick sized pressed salts and minerals.

Heinold Sheep TM Salt - (with or without DECCOX®)

A complete salt and vitamin supplement for sheep. Contains zinc methionine to aid in prevention of foot rot.

Kent Sheep Mineral - Non-Medicated

A mineral to be used in either pasture or drylot for sheep.

Kent Feeds® Equestrian's Choice® Equine Mineral

A granulated mineral and vitamin supplement specifically designed for horses on a grass-roughage or mixed grass/legume-roughage program.

Safe-Guard® 0.5% Pellets

A medicated supplement for beef, dairy cattle, swine, horses, wildlife, and zoo ruminants containing Fenbendazole for the removal and control of worms.

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