Genoa, IL

Farming Supplies

Harvest Green® and Stampede Green® Sisal Baler Twine

A premium sisal baler twine that comes in 9000, 7200, 16000 lengths

Bridon Cordage Poly Baler Twine

A premium poly baler twine that comes in 9000, 9600, and 20000 lengths

TREDS Latex Rubber Overboot

A high strength latex rubber boot to fit over your shoes to keep them dry and clean.

Poultry Waterer

A simple waterer for poultry that come in a range of sizes.

Waukesha Shur-tred Barn Lime

A natural limestone product designed to animal pens and barn floors clean and dry.

EC Grow ICE NO MOR Ice Melt

An ideal ice removal salt containing a calcium chloride and magnesium chloride blend that will melt ice down to -5°.

Warp's® Round Silage Covers

A sun-resistant silage cover made from Coverall Polyethylene designed to protect your silage. Comes in round form and many different sizes to fit your silo.

HAY MAX Propionic Acid

A mold inhibitor for stored grains and forage hay that comes in 50 gallon barrels.

Suncoast® Pine Shavings

A high quality pure pine shavings for bedding horses and other needs.

Enforcer® BugMax Home Pest Control

A home pest control containing Deltamethrin to kill german cockroaches, asian lady beetles, brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders, bedbugs, and helps control carpenter ants and carpenter bees.

Havoc® Rodenticide Bait Packs

Pelleted bait packs containing brodifacoum for killing warfarin-resistant Norway rats and house mice.

Tomcat® Liquid Rat & Mouse Concentrate

A concentrate containing Diphacinone for preparing liquid baits to kill Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice.

Sweet PDZ® Stall Refresher

A stall refresher used to neutralize ammonia and other odors.

Kent Feeds Home & Dairy Fly Aerosol Spray

An aerosol spray containing pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide for control of stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, house flies, horn flies, mosquitos, and gnats within your house or barn. Safe for application on beef, dairy, horses, and swine.

Wesemann's Tru-Store Innoculant

A stabilized and concentrated silage inoculant for aiding in the fermentation of all types of silage.

KenVet C-TEN Flea Foam

A residual flea and tick treatment with knockdown for cats and dogs.

Sullivan Supply Products

Beyond our products that we keep on hand, as a dealer of Sullivan Supply products we have access to their wide range of farming supplies to fulfill your needs.

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